Our Mission

  • Our mission has three elements, all focusing on music of our time and living composers:
  • (i) To provide a platform for performers,
  • (ii) To provide opportunities for living composers to have their work performed,
  • (iii) To promote the enjoyment and appreciation of the music of today to a wider audience.

  • Our artistic vision is to offer an ongoing, accessible opportunity to hear this repertoire. We aim to maintain an ongoing series of weekly concerts from October to June every year.

    Borough New Music takes a deliberately open-minded and experimental approach, welcoming artists' proposed programmes, and not seeking to prescribe. However, the work of living composers is prioritised in the hope that they will attend (at least 90% of a programme must be by living composers). Though there is one overall artistic director, as many Series as possible have guest artistic directors, chosen for their networks, commitment and organisational skills, giving opportunity for diversity in repertoire, artists and audience.
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