Series 14

Every Tuesday in March 2019
Guest Artistic Director: Nathanael Gubler

Tuesday 5 March 2019, 1pm: The New New Manchester Manchester School School
Illiam Quane (trumpet and fixed electronics), Isobel Williams (saxophone), Aaron Breeze (piano)

Spanny Mensch
(b. 1994): Yeah (2018)
Fraftreft Treftrafruth (b. 1996): Worship Tune (2018)
Aaron Breeze (b. 1994): Nostalgia Studies: The Good Old Days Back in ’89 (2018)
Illiam Quane (b. 1995): A Beautiful Place That Doesn’t Care (2016)
Lance Dangerfield (b. unknown): And And And And I’ll (2017)

Tuesday 12 March 2019, 1pm: String Duos & Trios 

Clarice Rarity (violin), Nathanael Gubler (viola), Timotheé Botbol (cello)

Peter Wilson (b. 1990)
:New Work World Premiere
Salvatore Sciarrino (b. 1947):Malinconia (1981)
Oliver Leith (b. 1990): New Work World Premiere
Lauri Supponen (b. 1988):New Work UK Premiere
Enno Poppe (b. 1969):Fingernagel (2009)
Bertram Wee (b. 1992):New Work World Premiere

Tuesday 19 March 2019, 1pm: Squib-box

Adam de la Cour, Neil Luck and Federico Reuben

Squib-box will be revisiting their 'greatest hits' in an accelerated and reduced format. With a 'cast' of three composer-performers fulfilling multiple roles, selections of major works will be resuscitated and explored anew. Beginning in a linear fashion these 'works' will begin to overlap and fuse into new, disfigured and radical forms.

Tuesday 26 March 2019, 1pm: Featured Composer: Nathanael Gubler
Laura Farré-Rozada (piano)

Anna Thorvaldsdottir (b. 1977)
:Scape (2011)
Unsuk Chin (b. 1961): Piano Etudes Nos. 1 and 5 (1995-2003)
Dai Fujikura (b. 1977): Piano Etude No. 1 "Frozen heat" (1998)
Nathanael Gubler (b. 1992): …probably all the non-trivial zeros lie on one critical line (2018) World Premiere

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